Most Valuable Primate MVP & MVP2 Movie Review

How's everyone's day going? Mine has been surprisingly good!  In between getting laundry done and the sun shining, I wanted to share some movies with you. ChildsPlay Communications sent me these movies to watch & review, and me and my son made a fun movie night out of them!  
{Also be on the watch for my review on The Berenstain Bears movie collection!}

   MVP "Most Valuable Primate" is a movie about a monkey named Jack who belongs to a research lab and can speak through sign language. When he learns the lab wants to sale him to another company, he makes an escape and finds himself lost in the frozen north-lands. Jack befriends two teens who build a relationship and bring a positive turn in each others lives.

    I enjoyed watching MVP. I loved the connection Jack made with the kids; The teens had been having a rough time in school, since their switch from California to Canada, trying their best to fit in, but cruel peers made a difficult transition for the two. The girl gets teased by her classmates, for being deaf and having a speech impairment, and the boy gets made fun of by the other mates on the hockey team, about being from California and playing too good. When Jack showed up, life got easier and more enjoyable for the teens. Jack became good friends with the girl, which grew her self esteem and lead her to build friendships with her classmates, and he joined the hockey team with the boy, helping them win almost every game of the season! There was a lot of laughs and awws...a great heartfelt family movie!!

    MVP runs 93 minutes and is rated PG for some mild language. You can watch it in English, French or Spanish. The DVD contains downloadable activity, behind the scenes documentary of "The Chimp's a Champ: The Making of a Star Hockey Player", a feature-length audio commentary by Director Robin Vince, Jamie Renee Smith & Kevin Zegers and the trainer, Carol Lillie. MVP is available for purchase at Walmart for $9.99

   MVP2 is the continuation of MVP, with Jack still the main character but this time he gets recruited to a hockey team and finds himself leaving because he was framed and of course, nobody would believe a monkey over a lying hockey player. So Jack found his way into the allies of Seattle, WA. and sees a boy who is skateboarding. The boy is an escape orphan who could really use a friend in his life. Jack once again brings positiveness to the life of a child and great things happen from there on! Skateboarding competitions, a new chance on life, and more..another great family movie! I would recommend both MVP movies to family and children age 5 and older. They contain good morals and teaching experiences. Makes for a great family movie night.

    MVP2 runs 87 minutes and is rated G. You can watch it in English, French or Spanish. The DVD contains a downloadable activity kit, behind scenes skateboarding featuring Bob Burnquist, extreme skate stuff, outtakes, and cast biographies. MVP2 is also available for purchase at Walmart for $9.99


 This post is made possible by Phase 4 Films and ChildsPlay Communications, in which I received the video to review. No compensation involved.

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