Ricotta Stuffed Conchiglioni Shells

Ricotta stuffed conchiglioni shells was a new dinner experiment for me! 
I've never stuffed pasta lol. But I had the meal idea in my head and put it to work.

I first cooked up some hamburger meat, drained off the grease and seasoned it with pepper, Cajun, garlic and onion.Then added ricotta cheese and some olive oil to moisten it up. Along with some cayenne pepper hot sauce for an added flare. On the side, I boiled the conchiglioni pasta shells to prepare for stuffing. Making sure to flip them lightly with a fork, to make sure bottom side isn't sticking and to make sure they're getting cooked all around.

Once conchiglioni shells are cooked through, I gently poured them into a colander and rinsed them in cool water. I layered each shell, side by side, in a lightly greased glass pan and began stuffing one at a time, with the ricotta/meat mixture. Once filled, I poured on traditional flavored pasta sauce and sprinkled Parmesan cheese across. Placed in the oven to warm up and enjoy!!

 Sided with sauteed asparagus and my failed, yet delicious, attempt of pinterest cheese balls.

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