St Patricks Day {2013}

This post is way overdue lol but I wanted to share the fun we had on St. Patrick's Day. When my son woke up on St Patricks Day morning, and went to the bathroom, I sneaked these little notes through the his room. I should have done this the night before so it'd be more fun, but I was a bit last second this year ;) I printed this totally cute limerick poem from momtastic and made scrolls to place around for clues to get tho the "pot of gold". I put the 1st clue on my sons Wolverine arm, which was lying in his bed. Then I placed the next clue in his glove, inside his drawer. The 3rd clue was to be placed inside a shoe and the 4th clue was under his plate of breakfast, along with the pot of gold :) He loved it!

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