Bella's Ball ~Children's Book Review

"Bella's Ball" is a children's story written by Annaliese Chatterton, about a butterfly named Bella who wants to enter the Flutterfly Ball but finds herself feeling afraid. Though her friends encourage her to enter, Bella comes across several other bugs who do not think she is Ball material, causing her to question entering, herself. After hearing a story from the Ladybug Teller, Bella makes her final decision.

   During the stories the Ladybug Teller shared, she said to Bella, "I knew that the other bugs wouldn't believe in me unless I believed in myself first." Teaching children that it is good to have confidence in yourself, even when others do not. Makes for a cute read, I think most little girls would love!

Excerpt of Bella's Ball on Youtube

I found Bella's Ball on Amazon in the Kindle Edition, for a free download on May 6, 2013. No compensation involved. All opinions my own. 


  1. It's a really cute story. However I felt it needed more illustrations for children's book. Adding more of the wonderful illustrations will be more appealing for children. I have also found “Bella’s Ball Audio“ Audible Edition !! While I am just searching about Children’s Books It is sure to inspire and entertain.

    1. I agree, it did need more illustrations. Thank you for sharing the Bella's Ball Audio Link, I will add that to my post! :)


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