My Husband's Experimental Sloppy Joe's

The hubs likes to experiment with food when he cooks..I know this is scary for a lot of wives out there haha, but my hubby is an amazing cook and when he throws things together, the taste is magical! This time he made Experimental Sloppy Joe's. I never imagined mixing pickles and cherry tomatoes with chili would be good but he made this meal delicious.

To make his Experimental Sloppy Joe's, he combined the following into a pan:

A can of no bean chili
3 Hotdogs chopped
7 Cherry Tomatoes chopped
Pickle Juice approximately 2-3 Tbs.
Cajun Seasoning to taste

He cooked this up and spread it onto Brown Bread which was toasted and buttered, and melted with a slice of Pepper-jack cheese on one side. Press the bread together and eat as a sandwich. Sided with pickles. This was pure comfort food, so good and warm, but very messy! :)

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