Star Wars Day!

"May the 4th Be With You!"

lol today, May 4th, is Star Wars Day! I'm not a fan of Star Wars but my son is, so today I'm letting him watch the old Star Wars movies for the 1st time ever! He's pretty stoked about that. He even has his R2D2 shirt on ;) This day kind of sprung up on me because I had forgotten all about I didn't make too big of a celebration. But I'm one to always have little mini "parties" for the odd holidays, so I started a Pinterest board for the years to come! There are some great ideas on there!
We've done the Star Wars snowflakes in the past but they would make for great decor! And the R2D2 trash can would be a fun project to do with my lil man. The diy light-saber napkin wraps are super cute and some of the food choices would be so fun. Next year I will make today even more long as I remember ;) But for today, an R2D2 shirt, Star Wars toys all over, hubby's sloppy joe's and my homemade Pineapple Upside Down cake will do just fine :)

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