Wummel Box Craft Kit Review

 I received a WummelBox craft kit from ChildsPlay Communications, to review, which made for lots of fun with my lil man!

A WummelBox craft kit is a box filled with 3-4 theme based projects, made to inspire children, ages 3-8, to learn and explore the world around them. The themes are made around things like nutrition, sounds, dexterity, sight, ect. to help inspire and build children's imagination. The box contains all materials needed for each craft and every piece is made with high quality, naturally sourced materials straight from Germany and Europe...as well as eco-friendly materials whenever possible. All materials have also been pre-tested to ensure the best possible crafting time. The WummelBox can be purchased at $35.95 a box and they come in a wide variety of themes, making every box filled with great fun and exploration.You could also purchase a Little Wummel 3-month subscription for $24.95 a month or a Big Wummel 12-month subscription for $19.95 a month.

 The them of the WummelBox we received was Time Travel. It was filled with 3 different craft projects & a story pamphlet, all related to time travel: Stone Age Stories, a Time Machine, Cave Painting, and a Hunter & Gatherer Game. This made a great box for my 5 year old son!

We started off by making the Time Machine. His favorite project in the box. He painted the wood, and once it dried, he put the stickers on and screwed the knobs in all by himself. He loves tinkering and fixing so this was great for him. His response to this craft was:
"The time machine is so cool..I'm gonna keep this until the day after heaven! Or when I'm 76."
He loved that he could "visit" the dinosaurs :)

Next we did the Cave Painting. He loved that he got to make the stamps himself and paint on material in which would be decoration for his fort later on. The stamps were easy to make, attaching foam shapes to wood by little glue dots. The water paints need a good stir before the color shows well, one thing lil man didn't like to well lol.

The last craft in the box was the Hunter & Gatherer Game. This one was the most difficult for my son. He painted the Wooly Mammoth and the cube dice, but cutting the felt footprints was a little difficult for him to do. He helped me trace some of the prints and cut the bear prints out himself, but the other two footprints were complicated so I did them.

 My son had a lot of fun doing the WummelBox crafts. It definitely encouraged his imagination. Crafting the Time Machine made him pretend he was going back in time to see the Dinosaurs. He was sitting in a plastic tub as his machine, using the controls he made :) The Cave Painting made a fun fort in his room, where he spends time in there practicing his reading or playing with his toys, and the Hunter & Gatherer game has him asking to play it daily! This has been a fun activity...WummelBox...what a great idea!

If you would like more information on the WummelBox visit  https://www.wummelbox.com/ 
{You can also find them on Facebook! }

This post is possible by ChildsPlay Communication for providing me with the products to review. All opinions are my own.

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