Easiest Microwave Cookies-all varieties- +Recipe

   From the last two posts of my homemade microwave cookies,  (snickerdoodles & sugar
I decided to try out the dough on making a few more different flavors.

The next one, I made Snicker cookies. I just took the original dough and added a square of snicker bar to each ball, and microwaved. These didn't turn out as good as I hoped though. The caramel made them a bit chewy like taffy-which I should have expected lol, flavor was ok though.

Next I added Oatmeal to the dough and rolled them in a cinnamon sugar mixture for added sweetness. These came out great and taste even better dipped in milk!

And last, I used my cute new Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and sprinkles to make these sweeties.  They are adorable! I also found that, though they harden quickly, they gain some softness after sitting together in a sandwich baggy.

(you can purchase the same cookie cutter on Amazon, for only 60 cents! Plus free shipping!)

 Now that you've seen my Microwave cookie dough 
can make several different styles of cookies,  
copy down the recipe and go make your own!!! :)

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