The Tooth Fairy Visit!

My son lost his very first tooth on June 30th in the morning! 
It was an exciting ordeal, as losing your baby teeth always is :)
I am so happy, I caught it all on my video camera too! :)
He got an electrical Wolverine toothbrush as a happy reward!

He couldn't wait to get to sleep so the Tooth Fairy could pay him a visit. 

Here's what she brought him:
A sweet note in a tiny envelope
And three coins.

 And in that note, it said:
  Dear _____,

   Thank you for such a wonderful tooth! I knew I would be visiting soon when I heard the great news!! So I've brought you some special tokens in exchange for your tooth. One to spend, one to save, and one to treasure. Make sure you take care of those teeth so I can visit again!

                  The Tooth Fairy
My son was so happy to find this when he woke up. He placed each coin in specific spots. the gold $1 coin in his treasure box, one quarter in his wallet for saving, and the other quarter left out on his bookshelf so he remembers to take it with him next time we go shopping :) 
Now he can't wait to get his other loose tooth out!

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