My husband made Okonomiyaki and Onigiri for dinner the other night. A Japanese style meal of a pancake containing cabbage and sukiyaki meat with sauce and other ingredients, with seaweed wrapped rice balls on the side. To make the Okonomiyaki, he used a batter mix from the Asian food mart nearby, mixing it all together and cooking it in a pan, much like you do pancakes.

Once cooked, you drizzle Japanese Mayo and Okonomiyaki sauce across. Then eat and enjoy!

Next, my husband made the Onigiri, rice balls. He cooked up the rice, and in a separate dish, he cooked Salmon to fill the rice with. Once cooled, he balled the rice and stuffed it with salmon, then wrapped in seaweed. Placed these in the fridge to eat cold and enjoy. I personally rather eat rice balls warm with some dipping sauce :) But my husband says I just need to have them from Japan to see how good they really are ;)

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