DIY Taco Bell Crunchwrap

You know those Crunchwrap Supremes that Taco Bell makes? Well here's my DIY version! 
I started out by slightly frying flour tortillas in butter, just enough to brown them and add a slight crunch, but still pliable enough to fold. Once browned, I set them aside and cooked up the meat. 
I used sukiyaki meat for mine but it would work with really any kind of shredded or ground meat. 
I added Alfredo sauce to the meat and seasoned them up to a slight spice (Cajun, Black Pepper). Once cooked through I added a spoon of the meat mix to the middle of my tortillas and topped with Pepper Jack Cheese. I folded edges up and topped worth some more cheese, placing the cheese in the folded areas for maximum hold once melted. I then baked them in the oven til they reach the golden color I wanted, and were crunchy enough to my liking.

They came out really tasty! Top with shredded lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, guacamole, olives, ect. and you have one tasty meal!

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