Recycling Bumper Stickers-USA Map

I often receive Bumper Stickers in the mail but I don't always have a use for them. I don't collect them to place on my car..I collect them to cut them up and use them for other things! I was beginning to get a large collection of Bumper Sticker clippings so I decided it was time to put them to use! My son is getting older so he doesn't quite like "sticker parties" like he use I had to think of another idea ;)
I came up with this!!

 I drew a sad quick drawing of the United States (with white paper on Oregon-where I'm from & white paper on Texas-where my hubby is from) and used cut out letters from Bumper Stickers to make the States names! It was very time consuming, especially with the tiny pieces, but it was good teaching for my son. Not only did he learn about the States and which was what, but he also practiced reading and spelling, sounding out the word and trying to figure how to spell the State name! Half way through, I realized the stickers weren't wanting to stay on the brown paper... :/ So I ended up "painting" them all down with clear sparkly nail polish. Poor decision of "paint" but that's the 1st thing I could think of for what I had on hand lol. After it was all said and done though...I realized I could've made a paste of glue and water to paint over them. It would have been a lot less stinky that's for sure! lol. But it is finished and turned out pretty decent I think..despite the state shapes and occasional mess up haha...And I forgot to add Alaska and Hawaii so it looks like it's not quite finished... ;)

It is now hanging as a piece of art in my sons room. He loves it.

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