Listerine/Vinegar Footsoak

   So there has been a lot of hype of the Listerine and Vinegar foot soak people have been doing, said to rid your feet of all that dry skin. Well I gave it a try because the heels of my feet have been dry lately. You mix a cup of mouthwash, a cup of vinegar and two cups of water then soak! Some say soak for 10 minutes, some say 20, and some even did it for an hour! I soaked mine for 20 minutes and in the end, I didn't notice a difference. I enjoyed the minty waft of air while soaking, and the relaxation of sitting back, but I don't see this remedy to fix dry feet. It seems to work for some while it does nothing for the other. The only difference I found was my feet were softer for the night, but that happens when you soak your feet in even just water! :)

Have you tried this footsoak? 
If so please share your outcome! 

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