Donkey Kong 80's Movie Night Review

We had a Donkey Kong 80's Movie Night thanks to ChildsPlay Communications sending this fun kit! The kit was enclosed with a variety of 80's themed materials including: 
hand gloves for 3 people, two pairs of shutter shades, two wrist slap bracelets, 
jelly bracelets, an I <3 80's pin, and the new Donkey Kong Country film!

Donkey Kong Country is a brand new movie that came out on August 20, 2013. It is a cartoon series based on the Donkey Kong video game, that comes to life in a CGI animated movie featuring Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and more. In the movie, the bad guy, King K. Rool attempts an attack to steal the Crystal coconut, by cloning Candy Kong as an evil robot, who then trims Donkey Kong's hair and puts a hex on him, removing all of his strength, leaving the Crystal coconut unprotected. Time is running at, as Cranky searches for an antidote for Kong, hoping to find it quickly, before King K. Rool and his Kremlins succeeds with his next attack!

 We, especially my son, enjoyed watching Donkey Kong Country. My husband was pleased to hear a movie was made of it, as he use to love watching Donkey Kong as a kid, and now he can share it with our son, making nostalgia come to life! 
Like the picture to the left, of us posing in our super cool 80's gear, wearing Donkey Kong masks?? I printed them out from
   I remember playing Donkey Kong on the Nintendo 64, racing with my cousin, collecting bananas and flying in barrels. I don't remember the tv show of Donkey Kong, but I'm really glad brought it back in movie form, so kids of the 2000's can experience the fun too! The film had a few singing  parts, which I didn't expect but my husband said the old school Donkey Kong normally did too. I think this is a great film for kids and Donkey Kong lovers alike.

Donkey Kong Country runs 90 minutes and can be watched in English and Spanish. It is available for purchase of $9.99 retail price, in Walmart, Target and other major retailers.  

This post is possible by ChildsPlay Communication for providing me with the products to review. All opinions are my own. 

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