Cystex-Are You Kegeling Now?

Are you making sure you're taking care of your bladder health?   
Cystex and doing Kegeling exercises daily,will help you get your bladder stronger and healthier! 
What is Kegeling you might ask? 
Kegeling is when you squeeze and hold your pelvic floor muscles up an in. 
Doing this repeatedly for ten seconds, up to three times a day.
Check out the video on Kegeling here:
Did you know that UTI's affect more then 60% of women? It is the 2nd most common infection found in the body, with a 40% chance of recurring. A study found that Cystex has helped 91% of women who have taken it daily, and remained free of recurring UTI's since.

What makes Cystex so great? It contains a formula of natural cranberry concentrate, which disables the cell structure of E. Coli bacteria, by inhibiting their ability to stick to the wall of the urinary tract. D-Mannose which is an active ingredient found in cranberries that increases the resistance of bacteria. Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory found in pineapples that increases antibiotic effectiveness and aids in digesting protein. Vitamin C helps maintain adequate urine acidity, making it less tolerable for bacteria to hang out in, and FOS (inulin) which is a prebiotic that stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria in the colon, reducing the number of E. Coli bacteria. With just one tablespoon of Cystex a day (or 2 for those who are already battling a UTI), you can get your bladder healthy and back on track.

I received a bottle of Cystex to try and have been taking a tablespoon a day since I've received it. The flavor is great, much sweeter then drinking straight cranberry juice, but it burns the throat when going down. I found that if I drink water quickly after, it's just fine. And you want to make sure you're drinking lots of liquids throughout the day, as you should, to help flush bacteria out. While taking Cystex, I find myself feeling dehydrated if I'm not drinking enough, and my mouth starts to feel dry. Works as a great reminder to keep me drinking water throughout the day though! ;) I also received a Kegeling shirt to wear as a great reminder and way to share with others about Kegeling.  

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You can find more information about Cystex products 
on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex is available nationwide at drug store chains and mass market retailers like Walmart, Walgreen's, Rite Aid and Duane Reade. They are available at a retail price of $9.99 for a 7.6 fl. oz. bottle.

I received the above products to review. No compensation was involved. All opinions are my own. 


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