Urgent Rx Fast Powders For Pain Relief

   Another item from the Good Life Vox Box, UrgentRx Fast Powders, which are credit card sized packets filled with flavored powder medication. You take the UrgentRx by itself, no water needed, just swallow the powder much like you would a pixie stick.

UrgentRx comes in different flavors, each for a different symptom to relieve: 

Lemon-Line for Headache Relief
Mixed Berry for Heart Burn Relief
Raspberry for Allergy Attack Relief
Lemon-Lime for Aches & Pains Relief 
Cherry for Upset Stomach Relief
Lemon-Lime for Critical Care Relief
   In my Vox Box, I received the Lemon-Line for Aches & Pains. I let my husband try this out when he got home from a long day of work. He had a headache and was tense from his day so it was a great time to test this. One of the 1st things he noticed is, though the package says you can rip it open, it was a struggle to get that thing open without scissors and if someone has a bad headache, the last thing they're going to think about is how to get the package open lol. Once he cut it open with the scissors, he emptied the powder into his mouth. He said it left a weird after taste on his tongue and it didn't do anything for him. He seems resistant to most pain relievers though so even though it didn't work for himself, it might work well for someone else!

UrgentRx Fast Powder Packets sell for retail price of $1.39 a packet.
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I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 
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