Numi Tea Samples Review

I received 6 different flavors of Numi Tea, 
all flavors I didn't even know existed! The flavors are:

  • Broccoli Cilantro
  • Fennel Spice
  • Beet Cabbage
  • Spinach Chive
  • Tomato Mint
  • Carrot Curry

I have to admit...I didn't really like any of these flavors. Mixing vegetables with tea does not make a great taste, or scent. Each one left me feeling nauseous. The Tomato Mint was really potent of tomato flavor, much like a minty, really watered down tomato soup. Carrot Curry tasted similar to ramen noodles in an odd way. Spinach Chive and Broccoli Cilantro tasted a lot like some sort of soup, and the Beet Cabbage was just nasty. Out of all of them, my favorite would have been the Fennel Spice. It was still gross but it tasted slightly like Black Licorice.

With these unique Tea flavors, 
which one would you be most likely to try? 
Which one do you think you would actually enjoy?


*I was not compensated nor required to write this review.  
I received the above products as a sample and wanted to share my opinions.

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