Tums Chewy Delights Sample Review

I received a free sample of Tums Chewy Delights and wanted to share my opinions on them with you!

I tend to get heartburn easily, from greasy foods, especially pizza and chocolate...
two of my favorite things, so Tums, Pepcid AC, or any antacid medicine can be things you might find in my medicine cabinet. I hate the flavor of tums, but those are usually my go-to method just because they seem to work the best and are the cheapest. When I was sent this sample of the chewy Tums, I was skeptical if they worked or not...but I tried them right after eating Sloppy Joes -which gives me heart burn almost instantly, and found the Chewy Delight Tums worked instantly in curing my heart burn! Plus I LOVED the flavor! The Chewy Delight Tums I received were flavored "Very Cherry" and they look much like two pieces of gum. The smell is also similar to cherry bubble gum, but the taste... it was delicious as if I was eating a special sweet! They are chewy but not overly chewy like taffy...maybe more like a softer caramel... I think they're just the right texture and the taste is far better then crunching on tums tabs. Curing my heart burn doubled as an after dinner dessert! Who would have thought!

 I am very pleased to have gotten this sample, as I will be purchasing these from now on! 

  I was in no way endorsed for this review. I received a free sample and I chose to share my honest review.


  1. Yes, They'er Great!, but how do you get the stupid thing OPEN?


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