Doogie Apparel Review

Doogie Apparel is a national online clothing business that was introduced by a man named Walter Goodin in 2010. Walter has many programs set up such as sponsorships, internships and representative sectors that sponsor bands, fashion shows, and college students of specific majors, to gain experience while attending college. Doogie Apparel just recently opened up their first retail store on May 19th, 2013, in Hollywood, California, selling kid's books, men, women, and children's clothing, accessories and more.

I reached out to Doogie Apparel through Bloggerdise, requesting to work with them in a review and a possible giveaway. They agreed and asked what I would like to review. I requested a Doogie t-shirt and they agreed to my request, claiming they would be sending my shirt out the following week. I received product from Doogie Apparel but it wasn't a t-shirt as said. It was two Doogie backpack bags, which was fine, I just figured they wanted me to review the bags along with the shirt. The bags are small and made of thin fabric like something you would find at Dollar Tree. But perfect size for a child and great for trick or treating! ;)

I never received the shirt so I contacted Doogie Apparel letting them know. They told me I should be receiving the shirt that week. I shirt. So I wrote them again to let them know.
Their response??
                           "We or sorry at this time we or sold out of doogie t shirts. we shell have new t shirts in stock by next week thank you  .teaamdoogie"
That was copied directly from their reply. I don't get it, they agreed for me to review a Doogie tshirt, and told me it had been shipped. So why then, did they apologize for being sold out of Doogie tshirts when mine should have been in the mail weeks before, ready for my review?? Doesn't make sense to me...but Doogie Apparel seems to be really unprofessional and is not a company I can recommend working with.

But hey, maybe that's why their email signature is "screw-u-records" 
because you just might get screwed in the end. 

UPDATE: I finally received my Doogie shirt. But the funny thing isn't the size OR the color I requested and they agreed to! AND it came with dirty spots. If I would have been the purchaser of this, I would be highly dissapointed. I just hope they don't treat their customers this way!

I received the above product for a review. No compensation involved. All opinions my own.

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