Ham Pickle Pizza+Calzone

This may sound like one of the weirdest Pizza toppings,
but Ham and Pickles actually made a really great Pizza+Calzone!
I began by cooking up the following, in my Ozeri pan:
Cut up honey ham lunch meat, pickles cut in cubes, sliced red
and orange peppers, Cajun and black pepper for seasoning,
and Alfredo sauce poured over it all. I mixed this all together
until it marinated and got nice and warm. 

While this mixed, I made my pizza+calzone crust and drizzled a little bit of Marinara and Alfredo sauce throughout. I only used a little since my Ham & Pickle mix would be saucy from the Alfredo. For the pizza crust, I prebaked before I added my ingredients to the top. When it was a slight golden tone, I added the ham/pickled ingredients to the top, then topped it with shredded cheddar cheese and baked again until it all melted together. For the calzone, I added all ingredients, folded it up into a giant calzone, and baked to completely cooked through.

Both came out equally delicious! I made so much there were next day leftovers! 
*BUT.... sadly this meal only taste good fresh. (must be the pickles ;)

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