Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection

Looking for a lip balm to match your personality and style? Carmex's new Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection comes in four different, graphically-printed lip balms, each one made to embrace your personality. These balms highlight the trendier side of Carmex, and are designed to tailor your unique style. They come in 4 personality prints: Chic, Fab, Adventurous, or Whimsical; and each has a card explaining the personality trait inspired by the design.

To find which Carmex Collection is best for you, take the Quiz here
According to the quiz, my style is Whimsical:

Though my quiz results gave me Whimsical and out of the 4, it does seem to be the closest to me, I like the Fab design the best. I feel that there are more then just 4 personality types with all the millions of people in the world, so it would be nice to see a bigger variety and design in the Carmex Limited Editions, as well as, maybe a way to incorporate your favorite color into the print.
Carmex is made with Vitamin E, shea butter and sun protection, giving your lips a clear coat of satiny gloss, giving you a natural, shiny, and healthy look.
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