"How I Taught My Kids to become RESPONSIBLE..." Book Review

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81HabnqU39L._SL1500_.jpgJustin Kregger is an Expert Author of the best selling series
"How I Taught My Kids to..."  
He is a husband and father to two young kids, and has published three other
"How I Taught..." books.
 He recently contacted me to review his book:
"How I Taught My Kids to become RESPONSIBLE using simple household chores"

 Mr. Kregger takes the complex topics in parenting, and breaks them down in to more simplified concepts, turning it to a short and to the point e-book, with great tips on how to teach your children responsibility. He talks about how many kids these days feel so entitled and that we as their parents are enabling them, by doing simple tasks that they should be doing themselves. Children are growing up, seeing that they can be "lazy" because mom (or dad) will do it all for them. When your children are little, it's easier to just get things done without them in the way, because it takes them twice as long to do something, that you can get done in 5 minutes! But if we don't bring the child up when it's young, we will have an even harder time teaching while it's older. Like Kregger says: "remember how important it is to set the foundation of hard work in the early years." It is very important to set the foundation in our children. When my son was younger, I encouraged him to pick up after himself when he made a mess. He is now 6 years old, and better then most kids his age, in keeping his room clean. He cleans up his messes without complaints because he knows it's his duty to. Kregger states that "So much of the problem stems from how kids are raised; from day one everything is done for them and they are not held responsible or accountable for their own actions. Kids are being raised to be dependent on others instead of being able to do the simplest things on their own." I totally agree with this. As a parent, we need to be the ones to teach our children the way to go. That is how they learn! In teaching them responsibility, you will also teach them independence, appreciation, and confidence.

This e-book is filled with helpful advice and would make a terrific book for first time parents, and even parents of older children. If you have awnry, entitled children, definitely read this book and follow through with Kregger's tips on teaching your child responsibility. 
It will make a lifetime of a difference!

You can purchase the Kindle Edition of "How I Taught My Kids to become RESPONSIBLE using simple household chores" on Amazon for just $2.99, or if you have Prime, you can borrow it for free.

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