Ozeri 4x3 Digital Pocket Pedometer Review

The Ozeri 4x3 Digital Pocket Pedometer records your daily steps, as well as calculating your distance, speed, calories, fat burned, and exercising time, using the world's most advanced Tri-Axis technology. It is made to be reversible, featuring both walking and running modes with a 3D Tri-Axis sensor, providing superior accuracy in any position. It will count up to 1 million steps, filtering out vibrations for best accuracy, and only beginning its count when it detects a sequence of continuous steps. The pedometer holds built in memory for up to 30 days of active use, containing a Steps-2-Goal feature that allows you to calculate your steps toward your daily target, all while displaying your progress as you go!  It is waterproof and features a clock, calender, sports timer, and an auto sleep mode to save battery time. It's compact size is slim and sleek, made to fit into any pocket and easily usable. 

I love how versatile this pedometer is, with the dual walking and running modes, and that it tracks your progress as you go. It can be turned in to a great motivational piece, keeping you in the mode to make sure you're meeting your daily goal in movement. A lot of pedometer's do not seem very accurate, but Ozeri's 3D Smart Sensors ensure total accuracy in this pedometer, even cutting out the vibrations! The buttons are easy to use and the clip holds the pedometer in place, on your pants or shirt.

You can find the Ozeri 4x3 Digital Pocket Pedometer available for purchase on Amazon for $28.95 with free shipping and it comes with a removable lanyard, belt clip, lithium batter and instruction manual, as well as a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

This post is made possible by Ozeri in providing me the Ozeri Digital Pocket Pedometer to review.  
All opinions are my own.

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