Peppermint Ice Cream Cake with a Brownie Crust

This is seriously the most simplest way to make an ice cream cake! 

I came across the idea of making an ice cream cake for my little family's Christmas, because the hot cocoa brownies I previously made, cooked faster on the sides, so it left me with crunchy brownie edges around the soft brownie inside. I didn't want to toss the crunchy brownies, so I salvaged what I could. I ground my crunchy brownie edges in my blender, then poured the now powdered brownie into a mixing bowl and added melted butter. I didn't measure anything so I just through things together until it looked like a good "crust" mix. I flattened my now crust mix into a greased spring-form pan and baked in the oven on 350 degrees for about 20 minutes -give or take- til it hardened as a crust. In the meantime of the crust cooking, I started mixing my ice cream. I chose Peppermint Candy Ice Cream because it is one of my favorite Holiday flavors and it went well for our Christmas theme. I let the ice cream sit out for a little, to get it slightly melted, then I began stirring the ice cream with a wooden spoon, getting it all mixed together, like a really thick milkshake. The time it took to get the ice cream softened, my crust was finished and cooled. (make sure you let the crust completely cool before you spread the ice cream on, otherwise you will have a mess!) I spread my softened ice cream out on the cooled crust and spread it around to form a cake layer. Once it was spread to my liking, I covered with foil and put it back in the freezer. I'm not sure exactly how long it takes for the ice cream to completely re-harden, but we left it in the freezer for 2 days, due to not being home, and it was perfect. I removed the edge of my spring-form pan and sliced the cake like a pie, then sprinkled sprinkles and marshmallows across and served it. This was delicious!! My family loved it. This crust would work for so many different ice cream flavors! I will be making this in the future as well. The only downfall is, the ice cream cake tends to melt very fast so eat it immediately and what doesn't get eaten right away, pop it back in the freezer :)

(brownie crust)


  1. This looks delicious, I wonder if it's too late to find peppermint ice cream :).


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