Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess - Book Review + Giveaway! Stories for His Beautiful Princess is written by Sheri Rose Shepherd and illustrated by Shelley Dieterichs. It is a sweet storybook on Bible stories written just for little girls. It teaches simple Bible lessons on how to know God, learning how to pray, having Faith, and under standing right from wrong. It shows what God is like and how much He loves His children. It is made to help little girls discover who they are in God, as 'a daughter of the king and a true beautiful princess'.
The illustrations are cute, and I like how each page has a new Princess prayer and word called Princess Jewel. It's filled with many Bible stories, explained in a way children can understand. I love that the author dedicates the book to her first girl grand-baby,
and to all her future grand-babies too.

My favorite Princess Prayer was on page 16, it says "Dear God, Thank you for making me so special. I love the way You created me! Amen." And the Princess Jewel to go with that says "You were created in God's image! Look in the mirror and thank God for making you." This is my favorite piece because so many little girls grow up with the mindset of society, thinking they need to look a certain way or be perfect. If we start them off young, building their beliefs and seeing their natural beauty, it can make a huge and positive difference in their future.

 At the end of the book, there is a "letter" written from God assigned to the Princess and describing her as being God's special treasure. It mentions how much God loves her and that He would like her to share His love with others. There is also the "Salvation Prayer" on the last page, asking Jesus to come into her heart. It's sweet and heartfelt... If you have a little girl in your life and you would like her to know Bible verses and be raised on them, this is the perfect book. The Princess theme will draw her in
and she will love having it read to her every night.

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 This post is made possible by Tyndale House Publishers in providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions my own.

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