Bounty Ditch & Switch

Awhile back I received the Bounty Ditch & Switch kit from Housekeeping, that contained a dishcloth, a small plastic baggy, an icepack, and a return envelope, with the instructions to follow 
on how they will be testing my dishcloth.

 I used their provided washcloth for 3 days straight, then rinsed it out once, on the day of shipping. I placed it in their provided baggy with their ice pack and shipped it off to them, to test how many germs my dishcloth had. They did the test and my results came back. They weren't as bad as the usual persons, which I'm not surprised because I like to keep my house clean lol, but the results were still gross. I don't like the idea of spreading germs across my counter tops, when I'm trying to get them clean. Who does? So Bounty encouraged me, and all the other people who received this kit, to switch to Bounty's new DuraTowel paper towels, that are said to be 3x cleaner then the dishcloth. They sent me a free coupon to test it out, and I loved them! DuraTowels are absorbent, thick, and get the job done...however, they can get pricey, and are not exactly ecofriendly :/ Yes, we are a family that uses Bounty paper towels on occasion, but we get Bounty's Basic, 
they still do just as good of a job, and I don't feel as bad, for wasting such thick papers lol.

Did you get to be a part of Bounty's DuraTowel test?
 If so, what's your take on them?

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