Treat Yourself - Book Review Jennifer Steinhauer is a self-taught baker who recently wrote, Treat Yourself, a book of 70 Classic Snacks you loved as a kid, that you can now recreate in your own home! Take a walk down memory lane and admire the Ho Ho's, Yodels, Oreos and Ring Dings, plus much much more!

I love seeing all the delicious recipes with photos on most pages. Some of these recipes are even easier then I expected them to be! And the fact that the chemical mess is taken out of the ingredients, it makes baking these treats that much better! I can see myself making quite a few, if not all, of these yummy treats! I think these top four recipes will be most popular: Twinkies, Hostess Cup Cakes, Samoa's and Cheetos.

I like how the author begins the introduction of the book, talking about her past with snack cakes and junk food, from childhood to adult. She talks about the reality in making her treats, sharing with her family, and the mishaps of Marshmallow fluff ending up on her ceiling. She explains how memories are attached to foods, and the connections we build with those first bites...

Each chapter holds a different category:
  • Classic Cookies
  • Sandwich Cookies
  • Snack Cookies
  • Fruity Treats & Filled Things
  • Savory Snacks
  • Candy
  • Frozen Treats

You're sure to find several things you want to make! With the beautiful pictures and easy to follow recipes, you can now make those loved classics, right in the comfort of your own kitchen! 

Treat Yourself is available for purchase at for $19.99, where you can also find more information and praise. Be sure to say hello to the author, Jennifer Steinhauer, on her Twitter page as well! You can read an excerpt from Treat Yourself, HERE.

This review is made possible by the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group via Blogging for Books,  by providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own. 

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