The Avengers Hulk Costume Review!

I'm so excited I got to review another costume
for my lil man. He just loves dressing up,
and Hulk is one of his favorites! 

We received this fantastic The Avengers Hulk costume from Anytime Costumes. The package includes the 100% polyester Hulk jumpsuit complete with Hulk's signature ripped pants, and realistic muscle graphic with fiberfill padding in the chest, arms and torso, and the ferocious Hulk expression character mask.

As soon as it arrived, and we got the box open, my son put it on. He is in love with it! The structure of the costume is durable and easy to put on. The Velcro in the back sticks well to each other. And the Hulk mask is a thin but thicker plastic then a lot of other costume masks out there. I can see this suit lasting a long time for him, or at least as long as it fits him ;)
(And then he can pass it on to his younger cousins.)

The costume does not come with Hulk gloves or feet, so buying those separately might be needed to complete Hulk's suit, so of course my son insists that he needs the Hulk smash gloves. He had a lot of fun getting his picture taken as Hulk, as you can see in his poses below!

To complete the fun of receiving a Hulk costume, you can decorate your desktop with a cool Hulk background!

This hulk costume can be found at for $34.99 Available in several sizes while in stock. The costume I received above, is a size 7-8 and fits my 7 year old son perfectly.

 This post is made possible by Anytime Costumes for providing me 
the above costume in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

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