Goodnight Ark - Book Review Ark written by Laura Sassi and illustrated by Jane Chapman, is a sweet children's bedtime story book, about the animals on Noah's Ark, climbing aboard. As a storm comes, the animals can't sleep and Noah finds them coming two by two, crowding into his bed. This creates quite the situation, but Noah finds a way to make life on the Ark, calm and cozy, all through the middle of a storm.

“Beds are ready. Food is stored. Noah hollers, “All aboard!” – Goodnight Ark

This book is a fun read for a bed time story. I love how each page leaves you wondering what the next animal to climb into Noah's bed will be. While reading to my son, he enjoyed guessing which animal came next. The illustrations are adorable, such a fun bed time book, all kids would enjoy!

Watch this video to see just how cute Goodnight Ark is:

Goodnight Ark is available for purchase on for $15.99 

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