100% Pure Organic Yacon Syrup

Pure Organic Yacon Syrup is a quality sugar substitute that is made from the Yacon plant found in Peru and other parts of South America. The Yacon is often referred to as a Peruvian ground apple, and is much like a jicama or sweet potato. This fruitlike vegetable can be eaten plain, dried into a powder, or cooked into a syrup or a tea. It is a natural source of fiber and promotes a healthy digestive balance and good probiotic function, by slowing food transit time,
and supporting healthy blood sugar levels that can assist
in reducing food craves and assist in weight loss.

Yacon Syrup can be used as an alternative sweetener, so it's great for baking with or adding in your tea or coffee, making it a much better sugar substitute for people battling diabetes or trying to keep their sugar levels down. Yacon is also great for reducing glucose levels in the blood, and fighting high cholesterol, as well as building up the body's immune system and helping it fight off infections.

A nice side effect in using Yacon Syrup is that it naturally increases your energy levels, helps curve your appetite, and increases your resting metabolic rate. Because of this, many people consider Yacon syrup to be a fat burner. Though it will increase your fat burn and reduce bad cholesterol, it wont make you jittery or nervous like a lot of caffeinated products would. It will work with your digestive track and give you natural energy from the foods you eat, without storing the excess fat from it.

I was excited to try Yacon syrup because of its great health benefits and I love the fact that you can use it in your tea or bake with it. When it arrived, I shook the bottle so it would gather everything that may have settled, and I opened it up and noticed some sludge on the inside. I suppose this is normal as the liquid will settle from sitting, but since I shook it, I was shocked to see the sludge still there (see photo below), but after a few more shakes, the sludge was gone. The color of the syrup is dark, much like the color of molasses, but the texture is more like maple syrup.
My first taste of Yacon syrup was so familiar, I just can't figure out where I've had this taste before! It's a sweet flavor that is hard to explain...a lot of people have said it tastes like chocolate but I don't really get that. Maybe slightly but I get more of a dark fruity taste, and it's actually pretty good after the first initial try. I tried a spoon of it in my tea, but couldn't taste it so I still felt the need to use sugar. This was kind of disappointing, as I was hoping the Yacon Syrup would be all I needed for sweetness but it's surprisingly not that sweet unless you take it straight by itself. I love that Yacon syrup helps boost the immune system, especially with Winter coming, and the cold seasons setting in. I've also noticed the boost of energy the Yacon Syrup has been giving me! I use it per directions on the bottle, of a teaspoon 3 times a day, and I've noticed a difference in my energy. This has been great for sluggish days! So far I am loving it!

*Yacon Syrup is 100% organic and does not contain any traces of soy, wheat, gluten, flour, or dairy. It is USA made, FDA Approved and GMP certified.

 An 8fl oz bottle of BRI Nutrition's Yacon Syrup, holds 48 servings, at 1tsp a serving size. 
It can be purchased at brinutrtion.com for $19.95 or on Amazon for $19.95 with 
Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. 

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  2. I like that it reduces bad cholestorol.

  3. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: I love that it's a natural energy booster! I can use all the energy I can get :)

  4. Hi! Patrick here, a representative of BRI Nutrition - America's leading health and nutrient supplements company. A US-FDA approved provider, making sure we only give out the safest and most natural supplements for consumption. Yacon Syrup is a great alternative to refined sugar. It not only helps you with your blood sugar level, it also helps suppress appetite to lose those unwanted fats. With a healthy diet and with Yacon Syrup, you won't have problems losing weight and be healthy all at the same time. To know more about us and our products, just visit BRI Nutrition.

  5. I like that it increases your energy level and increases fat burning.

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  6. I love that it can be used as a sugar substitute. Thanks for the giveaway! :)


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