Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer

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The new Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer is a convenient tool to have on hand, when you or your little ones are sick and need of temperatures to be taken. It has two options to take temperature: a non-invasive no touch scan to the forehead, or the traditional forehead touch. Both are clinically proven options that offer the same professional accuracy, for any age.

  • No touch convenience of measuring accurately from up to 2inces (5 cm) away
  • Traditional forehead touch temperature taking
  • Temperature Guidance System - Large color-coded screen for instant fever detection
  • Unique on-screen positioning system that confirms proper distance for taking temperature and gentle guidance light 
    that directs you for accurate aiming
  • Easy to use and measures instantly 
    in just 2 seconds
  • Safe and hygienic - no probe covers 
  • or lens filters needed
I love the Braun No Touch Thermometer! It's battery operated, with just two batteries, and it's so easy to use! Turn the power button on, aim the thermometer at the forehead, right between the eyes,
and push the little blue button with the temp on it. It will instantly read the persons temperature!
It will tell you on the digital screen, what their temp is, and if they have a high fever, it will turn red,
a low fever will turn yellow, and a normal healthy temp will be green. It even has a switch that allows you to turn the sound on or off, so if you take the temp of your sleeping child, you can choose to have the beep off so it won't wake them!  This thermometer is the best I ever used!
The quick response and ease of use makes it perfect for using with kids!

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  1. Most forehead thermometer devices usually use infrared system, in order to improve their accuracy and effectiveness. Therefore, this device is recommended for all adults and children these days.

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