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I received the officially licensed Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Racoon Costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes to review for my son.  When it arrived, I sneakily opened the box, put on the mask, and walked past my son to see if he would notice. Of course, he did, and he said "My Rocket Racoon costume!!! It Came?!" He was beyond happy to open this box and see his costume inside. We took it out of its packaging and he put it on as fast as he could. He exclaimed, "I love this! It even has a tail!" He wore the costume all day long and even asked to sleep in it!
Needless to say, he really loves this costume!

The Rocket Raccoon costume is a 100% Polyester brown jumpsuit, with printed fur on the sleeves and armor accents printed on the torso. The legs have knee pads for comfort, and a striped bushy tail is attached on the back. The jumpsuit is easy to pull up, and fastens shut with Velcro in the back. The suit includes the character mask which is made of
thin, hard plastic, and eye holes to see through.

This Rocket Raccoon Costume is available at Wholesale Halloween Costumes for just $24.90 and is available in size Small, Medium, or Large. I chose a large, as the costumes tend to run small so I wanted to be sure he had some growing room. It's the perfect size for him, a little baggy in the body, 
but the length is just right, slightly a tad too long, but perfect for growing with.

I agree with my son, that this costume is pretty cool! The only downside to this costume, is
the sleeves that have the fur are rough to the touch, but this can be helped by wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath. And then the fur tends to shed somewhat, so anywhere my son sits, we find fur left behind lol. He said "It's like we have a cat!" because the fur likes to stick to our couch just as cat hair would. Aside from that, this costume has brought loads of fun and reenacting in this house. And he
hasn't even seen the movie! Speaking of movie, here is a Deleted Scene from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, featuring the daughters of Thanos! Check it out!

 Wholesale Halloween Costumes has so many great costumes, whether 
it be for a party, Halloween, or just little ones that like to dress up, 
there is something for everyone!

This post is made possible by Wholesale Costumes and the Costume Reviewers Admin
for providing me the above costume in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.


  1. Hello! That costume is great! I see that your son is absolutely happy :))) I want to buy the same costume, and found only size “M”, and my son is 8 y.o./135 cm tall. Could you please tell me, how old and how tall is your son in these photos? Afraid that it could run small... need some help :) Thanks :)))

    1. Hi there! My son was 7 at the time, and his costume was a Large. As you can see, it was a little loose on him, so he would have fit into a medium just fine. Here are the costume size dimensions for this piece:

      * Boys Small (4-6) for ages 3-5 approx 25"-26" waist, 44-48" height

      * Boys Medium (8-10) for ages 5-7 approx 27"-30" waist, 50-54" height

      * Boys Large (12-14) for ages 8-10 approx 31"-34" waist, 55-60" height

      Hope that helps!


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