Kettle Brand Popcorn & Real Potato Chips

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

Did you know that every bag of Kettle Brand products are made with non-GMO, preservative-free ingredients, and without MSG, gluten and trans fat? They are made with Natural Ingredients and are better for our environment because in the process of making their products, the Kettle Brand uses biodiesel, reclaimed water and solar and wind power to reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

As a member of Bzzagent, I received coupons to purchase my choice of Kettle Brand Real Potato Chips and Popcorn. There weren't that many flavors to choose from, but I picked the two best, that I think me and my family would like:

Kettle Brand's Maple Bacon flavored popcorn, and The Cheddar + Roasted Tomato Real Slice Potato Chips.

    I chose Maple Bacon Kettle Brand Popcorn because Maple & Bacon together sounds delicious! Does it not?  Well...I was a little disappointed with the outcome. I guess I just haven't learned that anything Bacon flavored that is not bacon, just isn't very good. The Maple Bacon popcorn had a really faint taste of bacon, and hardly any maple flavor. With every bite, you taste the slight smokey bacon, and the more you eat, the sweeter it seems to get, which means it does get better with each bite, but this flavor is just not for me. Now if it was caramel popcorn with actual bacon pieces throughout, 
THAT would be delicious!
    The Cheddar + Roasted Tomato chips are made with real potato slices, Cheddar, Romano, and sweet roasted tomatoes, seasoned with onion, bell pepper, parsley, paprika, and lightly salted. These chips
had a nice cheddar flavor with a subtle hint of the roasted tomato and the seasonings were on point. The chips are thick but not overly, and they have a large crunch to every bite. I liked these chips much better then the popcorn but was shocked to find that their bag is smaller. Of course this means the chips got eaten much quicker then the popcorn ;) I would love to also try their Hickory Honey BBQ flavored chips next. 

Kettle Brand has several other flavors to choose from, and they always seem to be coming out with more so I can't wait for that! You can find more Kettle Brand products as well as other flavors and information by visiting

 This post is made possible by Bzzagent, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own.

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