Snuggle's #CraftyPaws Dryer Sheets Box Mission with #TeamSnuggle

I'm on the Snuggle's #CraftyPaws Dryer Sheets Box Mission and with that, 
I must make a craft from the Snuggle fabric softener sheets box
 for the "Let's Get Crafty" Contest!!

What would you make from a box of Snuggle Fabric Softeners? 

After taking some time to think about it, I decided to make a piece of art for my wall, using my
 Snuggle box. I started by taking out all the dryer sheets, and unfolding my box. I then refolded it inside out so only the cardboard was showing. I taped the edges back together, though glue would have been better, and put a twine hanger on the back. I used an adorable greeting card with the photo of a bike on it, and taped that to my box. Hung it on the wall and admired how cute it turned out! Since I used tape for the card, I can reuse this to match any decor I want! I just carefully take the card off, 
and tape a new one on! Easy, reusable, and recyclable art! Plus it doubles as an air freshener 
because the scent of Snuggle dryer sheets waft from the box every time you walked past it! ;)

 This post is made possible by the Snuggle Bear Den, in providing me a box of Snuggle fabric softeners to use in crafting and to be eligible for a prize drawing. All other supplies were contributed from my own stash of crafting  No compensation has been involved.

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