Worry Less So You Can Live More - Book Review

Worry Less So You Can Live More: Surprising Simple Ways to Feel More Peace, Joy, and Energy by Jane Rubietta, is a book about exchanging your worries for the delight in God, and His delight in you.

In this book, the author is inviting us in to leave behind our heavy hearts of worry and stress, and to live again in joy and in the love
of God, living moment by moment. Jane offers encouragement
and tools throughout the book on how to change for the better, leaving your worries behind, and live a peaceful, happier life.

In reading Worry Less So You Can Live More, I was intrigued
by the title, as I tend to be a worrier myself; the idea of worrying less and living more sounded appealing. Who doesn't want more
joy and energy in their life?! I was excited to read up and learn
how to worry less but once I began reading, I realized this book
was not what I was expecting. The author has a lot of good words throughout and I love her colorful writing in use of describing things, but I wasn't expecting it to be as full of Bible verses and scripture talk. This style of writing just doesn't keep my interest, and I feel the title should be changed as it's slightly misleading. But I did gather some good tidbits throughout reading.

I like how Jane wrote that "Worry and fear create a cautious child - one who will never try to peer out of her box or spring the door on her cage. ...when it rises from fear, when it originates with worry about making a mistake, failing, being hurt by another, or not being liked. If we worry about others' impression of us, we might never get out of our box." This is so true, we as humans worry so much about the impression
we are making on the people around us, so much to the point we become our
own critic and are actually hurting ourselves even more.

Another quote I love from the author is "Writing is like canning is like life: preserving the present for future enjoyment, storing up today to use for tomorrow." This just speaks to me.

And the last piece I really felt in my heart, is about hope. "To live without hope is to begin the slow atrophy of dying. But how do we conjure up hope? We can't click our red heels or tennis shoes together like Dorothy and just chant about home. ... So home is here, right here, right now: home in us, the God who has made a home within us." Lately,  I've been dealing with the emotions of losing hope over something  I care about deeply so these words hit home for me. The hope that I have for something greater, is there, but home is inside of me. I can be content. I can release the worry. If I just let it fly.

Though Worry Less So You Can Live More, was not what I expected, I am glad I was still able to 
get some good from it. After each chapter it has questions and a prayer, so if you're looking for a book to read or share as a group, you can find it available for purchase at bakerpublishinggroup.com 
It just may be a book you like!

This review is made possible by the Bethany House, in providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own. 

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