Crayon Crunch Kickstarter-A New Kind of Children's Book!!

The world is full of diversity. We want our children to grow up understanding that, and treating everyone equal no matter what their outer image is. With Crayon Crunch, you can make it easier teaching your children about the differences around the world, and you can also personalize the book to look like them!

What is Crayon Crunch you might ask? It is the most advance picture book invented, so you can personalize your children’s book, choosing how the main character will be, 
including all ethnicities or disabilities. 

“We’re combining new technologies with an original  story to reinvent the picture book,” said Tim  Osterbuhr, Chief Executive Officer. “Instead of working with a publisher, we are using in-house  technology and expertise. This gives us full control over the creative as well as the operational site .”

*'Studies show that reading of personalized books 
encourages language development in young children.'

"The process will be as easy as changing features of characters in a video game. Readers will customize the lead character using the company’s website by choosing between a variety of features from hairstyle and skin tone to clothing and disabilities such as limb differences. Readers can see a preview of the book before they submit the design to Crayon Crunch. The company will then print the book and ship it anywhere in the world. Great characters need great stories, and Crayon Crunch will send your young reader on a gender-neutral journey to find a key for a mystical box in an imaginary world. As a bonus, inside the box is a personalized letter from a parent, family member or friend."

I think this is a great idea and I can't wait to personalize a 
Crayon Crunch book for my own son. 

The Kickstarter starts TODAY May 18, 2015!! 
Go check it out and see how to get your own personalized book!! 

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