Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet - Book Review

Sara Hagerty writes Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things, as if narrating her life in the obstacles she faces, and running to God to heal her wounds. Ever since she was a young girl, Sara longed to be close to God. But when life stopped working for her, she found herself reaching for God in more ways than she imagined. She was hungry for His encouragement... She longed for His comfort on the painful nights of waking, wanting to rock her child, though she was childless. Sara waited and waited to become a mother, with dreams of what may be, and after years of disappointment in her dreams not being answered, God began to show her how He is present in unchanging circumstances, and that He can heal broken hearts.

I wanted to read this book, because in the beginning, it reeled me in, understanding Sara's pain of wanting to be a mother and it not happening. I am a mother already, and have been for the past 8 years, but I've longed for another baby and it aches, seeing it has not happened for so long. I felt a connection to Sara, even though I have experienced motherhood, and for that I wanted to read her book. I loved the first chapter. but after that, I felt like the book became really mixed up. I had a hard time following along because the stories went here and there, then finally in the end, it all came together. The author's love for God and always pushing for hope was inspiring. After reading a lot of the ups and downs, I love that Sara eventually became a mother through adoption. Her analogy on adopting forms a beautiful picture as she wrote "The umbilical cord stretched over a wide ocean..." Though they were not birthed in her belly, they were born in her heart, years before she even met them.

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet, is indeed a sweet read. One that is hard to sum up into words, but it speaks to you as you read, and really opens your eyes. You can find the book available for purchase at faithgateway.com for $16.99 Where you can also find a preview available to read.

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