Silk's Original and Unsweetened Cashew Milk

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

As a Bzzagent, I received a coupon to try Silk's new Cashew Milk for free. I was so excited, as it sounded amazingly delicious!! Plus it contains 50% more calcium than dairy milk, and it has 25% fewer calories than Skim milk has! Each serving holds just 60 calories with 0g of saturated fat and cholesterol.

With my first carton of Silk Cashew Milk Unsweetened, it tasted a lot like Almond milk and I thought it was good enough to purchase again, but I wanted to try the Original for the next time around. So when I was visiting family in another state, I decided to purchase and share my Silk Cashew Milk Original with them. I decided right away that I didn't like this one. It had a plastic like flavor to it, and a very smokey cashew taste. I thought it was just because this one was Original instead of the Unsweetened, so I purchased another carton of Unsweetened. I found it to be the same way! A gross, smokey cashew taste! I thought it was so strange that it tasted different, in a different state. I really thought I would love Cashew Milk because I love Cashews by them-self. I like that the milk itself is very creamy, but sadly, I just don't like the taste. I tried both Cashew Milk's in cereal, coffee, mixed with Root Beer, and I couldn't disguise that taste. I did find that it makes a decent milkshake...but I will stick to Almond milk instead.

Silk Cashew is free of dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg, and MSG. it is verified by the Non-GMO projects product verification program and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

You can find Silk Cashew Milk available in most grocery stores...You can use the "Find My Silk" locator at to find a store that carries Silk Cashew, closest to you. You can also find a variety of recipes that use Silk Cashew, ranging from Soups, Desserts, Drinks, and more!

This post is made possible by Bzzagent, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own.

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  1. you are SO right about the weird taste of this milk! We bought it this week and our whole family are avid nut milk fans, but my kids took one sip and gave it the 'yuk'--I have been forcing myself to use it on granola and it's still very smoky.


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