This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? - Book Review

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This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? written by Patrick Di Justo is exactly as the title says, learning what all the secret ingredients are inside of foods we eat. You will find shocking, disgusting, and dumbfounding ingredients in everyday products from red wine and protein bars, to even things we apply to our skin. Some will make you never want to use that product again and some will make you flat out wonder how the FDA lets these items get away with so many things. In this book the author shares his own stories on his extensive research in finding his information, going as far as partnering with a cop for heroin, and getting tight lipped snack food execs to talk. He will also decode the history on these products and the concept behind it all.

This book is full of facts that are fun and interesting to know. It's an entertaining read and will definitely make your rethink your decision on consuming some of the items. I like that with some of the products the author writes about, he includes a backstory of history on it so you learn where the item originated from as well. It all really makes me question why the FDA allows so much junk inside the products we consume!

If you're looking for something to read to gather information on the foods we put into our mouth, this is the perfect book for you. It's full of information you should want to know. You can find "This Is What You Just Put In Your Mouth" available for purchase at Penguin Random House or Amazon.

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by providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

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