First Response Early Response Twist Pregnancy Test

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When you're trying to get pregnant, or suspect you might be, you want to know as soon as possible whether you are pregnant or not. With the First Response new Early Response Twist Pregnancy Test, you can test as early as 6 days before your missed menstrual period. This is the only test that allows you to find out this early, as it is sensitive enough to capture the very scant amounts of the
pregnancy hormone. That makes this test the top #1 test, as finding out your pregnant as early as possible is best for you and your baby. You can take necessary precautions needed to care for the growing child inside you, by getting adequate prenatal care and following a healthy diet
to make sure your baby will get the nutrition it needs to grow.

With the First Response Early Response Twist Pregnancy Test, it has a new and improved handle, that is made longer with a curve that fits better in your hand, and a 50% wider tip for an easier target, as well as a large, easy to read window displaying two lines if you're pregnant, one line if you're not. The test is over 99% accurate and you will
get the results in 3 minutes.

The test is very easy to use, you can either pee directly on the tip of the stick, holding it in your urine stream for 5 seconds, or you can pee in a cup and dip the tip of the stick into the urine for 5 seconds. After 3 minutes your results will show!
                   So easy to use!

You can find the First Response Early Response Twist Pregnancy Test available for purchase in major drugstores, grocery stores, or other retailers nationwide. Visit 
for more information and where to purchase online.

This review is made possible by First Response in providing me products to review. All opinions my own.


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