Pure Natural Miracles 100% Organic Cacao Nibs

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   Made from superior cocoa beans, the Peruvian Criollo Cacao Nibs by Pure Natural Miracles are a high source of antioxidants and a nutrient dense superfood that is high in health, and naturally enhances energy without jitters or crash. These nibs promote flavonoids and flavanols, containing zinc to support the healing in acne and eczema, protein and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium to improve circulation and bone health, and chromium to help balance, control, and lower blood sugar levels, while reducing appetite, making them great for weight loss. The nibs also include polyphenols that are good for your teeth in helping prevent cavities and tooth decay, and Anandamine making them great for enhancing your mood, calming anxiety, and easing stress levels.

       Cacao Nibs are a good alternative to chocolate chips used in baked goods, desserts, blended in smoothies, and more. With their versatility they are also good sprinkled over salads, used in green smoothies, and tossed in with your favorite warm foods.  Because these nibs are naturally sugar free, they are great for those with diabetes or those who are trying to avoid sugar. They are also 100% USDA certified organic free from pesticides and impurities.

I love that Cacao Nibs can naturally enhance your mood and make you feel good, while giving your body the beneficial nutrients included. These are things everyone in the world could benefit from. The taste however, is something you will have to get used to. The Cacao Nibs are described to have a strong, raw, dark chocolate flavor and if you know what that is like, you may know what I mean when I say you really have to build a liking for them. By themselves, they are extremely bitter and if you have never had Cacao Nibs, don't expect them to be like the yummy dark chocolate bars you buy at a store. These nibs have no sugar, so they are pure pieces of bark. If you mix them into a smoothie or another food you might like, they will taste a lot better, but by the handful they may be hard to get down. But for the many health benefits and natural energy enhancers, why not give them a shot?
You can find the Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs available for purchase on Amazon in a 4oz bag for $5.97 or a 160z bag for $12.97 and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee up to 90days. You can also find them on their website at www.PureNaturalMiracles.com

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