The Legend of the Christmas Cookie - Book Review

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      The Legend of the Christmas Cookie 
By Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey,
is an adorable children's Christmas book sharing the true meaning of Christmas. This story is about a boy named Jack who learns about the famous Christmas cookie, that became a family tradition passed from year to year. When Jack arrived home, he smelled "the heavenly scent of sweet bread and licorice from the kitchen" but was surprised to find that his mother was baking cookies. After Jack's father had recently left to find work, Jack's mother saved every penny they received, so cookies being made were the last thing Jack thought would happen. But Jack's mother was making these cookies for a reason. She began to tell Jack about these special cookies that were made to give to those in need, to cheer them up and to share the real meaning of Christmas.
 Each cookie was shaped with wooden cookie boards to symbolize the story of Jesus' birth: A Shepherd, Star, Camel, King, man and woman kneeling, baby, and the cross, with the biggest of them all, the Angel. And as the tradition goes, each cookie would be used to tell that part in the story of when Christ was born. Little Jack remembered this story as he sat in church, and the Pastor was reading the same story from the Bible. Later he dreamed of cookies, and his mother surprised him with the large angel cookie he had helped her make. He was thrilled to get to eat their last cookie, but then there was knock on the door. It was a stranger needing some food. After they shared a meal, Jack decided to give this stranger his beloved cookie, so he too could share the story of the true meaning of Christmas. 
   I loved the illustrations in The Legend of the Christmas Cookie. It's a great story, and really sets the scene of Christmas. I love that it encourages the idea to helping those in need, and sharing the tradition of helping others. I do wish the story was a little longer, and maybe flowed a little better to connect the beginning with the end. Because the story leaves me wondering when Jack's father will arrive home. But other than that, this is a beautiful read, and will leave you wanting to make the very same angel cookies! It's a fantastic book to read with your little ones around Christmas time.
Maybe it will make you and your little family want to start the same tradition! 
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