Find Hello® Products at Target!

   Are you looking for a healthier option for toothpaste? Made with only natural ingredients,  hello® Toothpaste products are much more gentle on your teeth. They only use naturally-derived, vegan and gluten free ingredients, that will clean your mouth and leave it feeling fresh! 

    Hello® has an exciting announcement that they've just launched three new superpastes at Target!! They now have: Activated Charcoal + Natural Acai, Activated Charcoal + Dragon Fruit, and Activated Charcoal + Hemp Seed Oil

   Charcoal seems to be the new fad, as it is said to help naturally whiten teeth. So these products not only clean, but also help whiten your teeth over time! Pair the paste up with the hello® Activated Charcoal Infused Floss and you will be well on your way to whiter teeth!

What flavor sounds most appealing to you? 
Visit Target and pick you up a new toothpaste that is better for you and the environment. Then come back here and tell me what flavor you chose, and what you thought!  
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 I participated in this campaign as a member of hello friends. I received a FREE hello bag  for sharing. No compensation has been involved.

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