Breakfast Stuffed Waffle Biscuits

   Have you ever made biscuits in a waffle iron? They don't quite fit right, at least in my experience, but if you can get the biscuits to fit enough to bake inside, the end result is delicious! 

   I made Breakfast Stuffed Waffle Biscuits, filled with eggs, ham, pepperoni, and cheese. You want the eggs to be precooked, so I made little muffin eggs in the oven, beforehand, but you can also do scrambled. 

You begin by taking a can of layered biscuits, so you can tear each biscuit apart, into two. Roll them flat, as flat as you can get them before they rip, then begin filling them with your eggs/meats ect. Top with the other layer you rolled and crimp the sides together. 

Place in the center of your well greased waffle iron and use as your normally would. When the iron is done, so is your stuffed biscuit! It comes out beautifully, with a little crisp on the edges, and it tastes even better!! 
   This is such a quick and easy meal to make, and the biscuits can be filled with all kinds of things that suit your tastebuds. Just beware, it left my waffle iron a mess, so the cleanup is not so fun. This was probably due to the grease/sauce from the cheese/meat, leaking out and burning. I might have just stuffed the biscuits too full 😌🤭

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