Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo - Book Review

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   Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo written by Shelly Roark, is an adorable Children's book, about a little girl named Gracie Lou, who really wants to own all the animals she can. Even though she already has a pet turtle named George, Gracie Lou asks her parents if she can have this animal or that, so she can have an indoor zoo! With each request, the parents respond with a reason why she cannot have the pet: not enough space, not enough water, or supplies for that animal, ect. Her father tells her she needs to be patient, and that God will take care of it when and if the time comes. Gracie Lou becomes tired of waiting and being patient, that she is becoming increasingly irritated. She falls asleep and dreams of owning all the animals she longs for. Her apartment home becomes so full of these pets, that she doesn't know what to do! At first it is fun, but quickly the situation becomes chaotic and messy! When Gracie Lou wakes up, she realizes that maybe she doesn't want all the animals at once, because of the responsibility and lack of space she has, she knew she couldn't care for them all. In the end, Gracie Lou learns to be content in what she has, and enjoy life as it is, being thankful every step of the way.

   I love the moral of the story in this book. There's something we all want a little more of, and sometimes we too become irritable and impatient when we don't get our way. This cute story is a reminder that, even though we want something really bad and think it might be great, in the end, what we have now might actually be better than what we think could be more. It's a great story to teach children, to be grateful for what we have been given, and to enjoy each day with a full heart. 

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