NURSAL White Noise Sound Machine

   Looking for a better way to sleep at night? 

   The NURSAL White Noise Sound Machine will help you sleep and relax without hearing noise from the outside world. It has 24 different sounds to choose from, ranging from fan, white noise, and nature sounds. It has a timer and memory function for each use, so you can set it for 30, 60, or 120 minutes, or you can leave it set to run all night. The machine has two power supply options, so it can be plugged in or Battery operated. Its compact size allows it for easy travel so you can take it to a hotel with you as needed!

   I purchased this sound machine for my son, so he could sleep better at night, and not hear our loud neighbor noise. Sometimes it can get pretty loud out there, and our house is pretty quiet at night. The machine was easy to set up, I just had to provide my own plugin for the cord they supplied, as it was only a usb attachment. The machine runs well, and has multiple volume options. I do wish it had different sound options, as in lullabies or soft tunes, but the light white noise will do. It's been keeping most of the noise out, and allowing my son to get a restful night of sleep, so seems to be working well so far!! 

You can find the NURSAL Sound machine available for purchase on Amazon

 I received the above product at a discount, and am not required to post a review. 

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