Seventh Generation Zero Waste Challenge Win

   I recently took the Seventh Generation Zero Waste Challenge, where me and my family try to be waste free for a week, and share an image of the trash we accumulated during that week. It was actually easier than expected, and a great way to be mindful of what we are using/wasting. I always like finding ways to reuse different items, to get the most life out of them before they go to the waste facilities. Especially finding new uses for jars and crafting with recyclables! Anyway, through doing this and sharing my outcome, I won a whole package filled several Seventh Generation products!! 

   A wonderful set of Paper Towels, Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, Toilet Paper, Hand Soap and a refill...All fantastic products that are better on the environment. I am so grateful for receiving this, thank you Seventh Generation, for all you do! We love your products!

   Interested in learning more about Seventh Generation and having your own chance at winning amazing products? Join the Generation Good Community where you can learn more, share your opinions, review products, and have a chance to win!

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