Today We Saved a Bee

Today we saved a Bee!

   I was in the garage and noticed a bug on the floor...which I was ready to squish because I thought it was a spider! I had my son grab the flashlight so I could take a better look at it, and I noticed it was a little bee, just laying there. I put a clear cup over it (so it couldn't fly at my face and sting me lol) and I also wanted to see if it was even still alive. The little guy slowly started walking around, so I slipped a piece of paper under the cup and my son carried it to our backyard. We set it down, removing the cup so it could go where it wanted. The bee started crawling, but then tipping over and falling everywhere. I quickly made it a small bowl of sugar water and the next few happenings were amazing! It crawled right up to the bowl and started drinking. I saw its tongue out and everything haha. It drank for a good minute, and then crawled onto a piece of moss next to it.

   My son brought over some flowers from the Mexican Orange Bush we have in the corner of our yard, and the bee knew just what to do. Crawl on them, give himself a good clean, and rest. He sat there for a good amount of time, maybe 15 minutes or so. Then he crawled to the top of the flowers and acted as if he was King of the Garden. Then flew away! I guess the lil guy just need some good TLC and that sugar water helped clean him right up. It was so fascinating watching the bee and feeling those good feelings inside, that we helped him survive. Now he can go pollinate flowers and bring good to the world!

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