Easy DIY Weed Killer

    Spring and Summer is a beautiful time of year, but it brings weeds like crazy! Our current backyard has rock landscaping, and it grows back weeds no matter how often I pull them up! I wanted to find something to help kill off the weeds a little, so I'm not having to pull them as often. After some research on natural products, I decided to make up a recipe with products I had on hand. Salt, Vinegar, Dish Soap, and Hot Water are all products that will aid in destroying weeds, and hopefully discourage them from regrowing. I only recommend doing this an in area where you do not plan on growing anything, as it could taint the soil for future growth. 

   In a spray bottle, I mixed half hot water, half vinegar, a heaping amount of salt, and some drizzles of dish soap. I shook the bottle until everything mixed together and dissolved, than began spraying on the weeds in my gravel. Keep in mind, this takes a lot of solution, and you have to be consistent with it until the weeds die up. You will see the solution working after a day or two, the weeds will start turning yellow and shrivel up. This will make them easier to pull out of the ground as well! Make sure you stay consistent, as it is a more natural substance so it doesn't work like chemicalized weed killers, but it is much safer for you and the environment. 

You can see in my photos, the progress after one day.

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