Golden Girls Mints in a Tin

   Are these not the cutest little Golden Girls items you've ever seen?! Blanches Southern Charm Mints and Back in St Olaf Mints for Rose; each mint is shaped to look like a little slice of cake. Unfortunately they don't taste like cake, but rather a sweet mint that freshens your breath for a couple minutes. 

 I found these mint filled tins at World Market, and I really hope to find Dorothy and Sophia tins soon. They're just adorable! The added quote on each tin makes for some extra fun too. Blanche's says "Keeps your mouth ready for anything." So her right? And Rose's quote says "Enjoy the bold Viking flavor after Geneuckenfluegen Cake." What do you think Dorothy and Sophia's quotes would say? 

   These little mint tins are perfect for any Golden Girls fan. They would be great for Christmas stockings, birthday gift additions, party favors, ect. And once the mints are gone, you can reuse the tins to store other little trinkets or goodies in! 

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